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Flying high Chp 1

I swooped into the entrance of our families bough, or should i say what was left of it,these days I barely saw him, The flaming red stallion was always off, most likely doing what he shouldnt be, mucking around like a foolish colt. Nike, her mum, was struggling with raising the two foals on her own, especially when she was the representitive of the sky herds, and most of the time was busy with the king and queen of the skylands, maybe even discussing important things with the legendary horses, maybe even Bella, or Sara!

Sighing i stumbled over the wooden floor, "Helia, do pick your feet up, where not the only ones in this tree! And please dear take of your shoes" taking off my iron shoes I wondered what it would be like to wear gold ones. In Noth of North, currency was horse shoes, Gold was the most expensive, silver was the seconed and bronze was the least, but Iron was worth less as it was the common foot wear, often Helia and Emberic didnt wear them as they usualy flew and hanged around the lakes where it is soft, but today i had chosen to go to the cliffs where there are plenty of rocks.

I glanced over at the wooden manger, it was half empty, I forced myself to eat but i was so tired i could barely keep up with Emberic, I maged to get my share, luckily for me, mum told Emberic to clean his stable, or you could call it a stable. It could be different in other rooms, but ours, all that seperated the rooms was a large hanging hanging bow, one between mine and Emberics and Mine and my parents, as a door, it was some silk drapes, a soft purple like my mums silks she wears, straped over back and across her chest.

I walked over to the trough, a mini little brook that went through all the tree, everything that wasnt in the troughs, fell down to the base, which fell over down the cliff and into North of Norths lakes, rivers and oceans, always fresh and clean. I didnt really drink, just made mini waves and blew bubles, "You alright Helia? You dont seem yourself?" Nike said in a worried tone. I turned my head to see her, " Yeah just tired" I yawned "Would one of my special carrot and apple muffins help you?" She grinned, "OH WOULD IT!" I galloped over to the manger which now had a chopping board on it, covered in delicious hot apple and carrot muffins!

I forgot all my drowsyness and dug in.  "Where did you leave your manners miss? Over in the clouds?" she teased "Thankyou" I said through a mouth full of muffins. "MUFFINS!" yelled Emberic as he rushed to the manger. It wasnt long till both me and Emberic could not take another bite, "That will teach you you little gobble guts" Nike said, nudging us both at the bellies. "And I'll do it all over again" Laughed Emberic, "And horses call me crazy" I rolled my eyes and made my way over to my room, I folded my wings tight so that the violet sheets would not burn to singes. I gazed around my room, it was finely decorated with my ash drawn symbols, each one show'd something special, some where of family or friends, places and plants, tonight after I come back, A beautiful full moon will be up there...


Nice and Neatly I folded Helias flame wings over her chestnut coat, just as beautiful as mine, smiling I glanced over at the paintings on her wall, they were quite beautiful really. Sighing I walked into Emberics room, the colt had done a poor job of tiding up, he lay awkwardly on his tightly folden bunch of soft leaves, they had to be moist to prvent his fiery mane and tail burning it. I softly nudged him into place and began to walk out of his room, but before exiting the violet cutains, I caught sight of a red figure sneaking slowly to her room. "Flame!" I rushed out of Emberics room, scolding at him, "Nike its just I..." He started, his fire mane and tail the lowest its ever been. "Dont make excuses with me mister! I've heard them all! You dont work, You dont do anything but hang with your mates and do what ever you want all day now dont you!" I shouted.

"Hey i do stuff, I help out Ice king with his studies!" He yelled back. "I think you find ICE HORSES dont need YOUR help!" "Well maybe there isnt a spec of dust i can do here!". Shocked my jaw dropped "Not a thing? What about Helia and Emberic? Helia is always asking you to teach her tricks with fire, but NO your always TOO busy having fun!" "Im getting round to it!" He remarked "and what about Emberic?" "What about him!?" "He always goes with his colts and there all talking about what there dads taught them, what there learning with them, all that fatherly stuff, while he sits on the outside doing nothing!" I pretty much screamed.

"I..I...I thought you were looking after them" he stammered softly "Is that a joke? I m working full stop with the pegasuses in the skyland, and are foals are running around no parental guidence or care what so ever and you never no! One day that might be rebels in North of North because they were never taught by there parents the right way!" I couldnt take it any more, I collapsed to my knees and started crying.

"Hey, Im sorry, I never knew it was hurting you" Flame cooed softly. He nuzzled me softly, I said nothing and nuzzled him back, "How about tomorrow, Ill stay home? Huh? Ill invite Uranus and maybe Chrysor and will stay here with the kids? Is that good?" He helped me up "Yeah thats good, thats great" I smiled and together we walked over to our room.
Yeah this ones a bit dramatic, I just wanted to get a bito emotion for the family :D next chapter, ACTION :squee: :squee: :squee:

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