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Karabakh Stallion Chp7

Through all the sad and excited bodies came Fires Breaths owner, he had a sad look on his face "amazing, just amazing, great horse you have, I just want to know about Fire, I..." Lightning's Wakes owner cut in "yeah what's going to happen to our horses" the young man or probably boy spoke again eyeing Lightning's owner "It's Fire, he isn't my horse he is my fathers and if he finds out I've been racing him or even betting like this with him, he'll have my skin on a wall!" Akbarov sighed deeply "I've been trying to get to it," He paused, "I don't want your horses, I need Arrow to take on challenges, I'm planning to take him far from here to take on bigger purses, I know I took a stupid chance, but it worked and with the best help he can get in the land..." "So what's happening to our horses!" in his most rude and demanding voice, he was clearly impatient. "You can keep your horses, I have no need for them, I would just sell them, but I already have a giant purse so I do not need it!" a cheer went round and everyone went home happy, it was a pity it would not last long.....

"Your back!" Star whinnied and galloped faster than she had ever run towards me, she hugged me over the fence, "well half of him" Flash smirked, "what happened? Is it infected? Will you live?" I laughed "calm down star, I'm okay, I just had to push through them, I just couldn't let them take me away from you" I pressed my head against hers. Flash wolf whistled, but I barely noticed I was so glad to be home, safe and with Star.
Flash and Star grazed beside me, Swan and Leopard chose the far side of the paddock. Leopard was pretty much never let out of his stable because he was always up to his old tricks, but tonight they decided he needed a stretch, he also happened to  be Flashes brother, and looked almost exactly like him but with no markings.  My muscles ached and my legs were stiff, sighing I nudged Star. She turned her beautiful, graceful neck and blew on mine "You're safe now" she whispered before turning her head down to graze. I snorted and looked up at the dark sky, its stars like a thousand diamonds beamed down at me.

Mahdi whistled to me, he leaned on the gate waiting for me. I forced my legs into a trot and leaned my head in his arms; "I've been thinking" He started stroking my face like always. "There have been rumours about conquerors from Arabia coming to take our horses away, I don't believe them but I still worry", he whispered, combing my forelock. "But if they come I will fight them off, there is no way they will take you from me" he said, raising his voice and began rubbing me too hard. I snorted in protest. "I wish you could talk, I wish you were mine" he sighed, giving me one last pat before walking off. "I wish you could hear me" I said, as I took one last look at Mahdi before walking back to Flash and Star, nothing could take me away from my home. "Hey Arrow!" it was Flash "You want to let out all the horses again? Like old times?" it was Leopard with his old sly grin, the one that meant a prank was about to begin. "Oh I don't know guys I'm still all sore and I've heard talk of...." "Aww come on you coward, nothings gonna happen!" Arrow knew he was doing the wrong thing but he refused to be called a coward. "Alright then, but we take it easy tonight you hear me?"
What could the Trio possibly be up to? :D
yeah 8 should come out sooner thsn 6 and 7 :D
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December 19, 2012
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